Über uns

   Jung, Jae-won, Präsident Sottaehanul

Let's smile a clear and bright smile together

Have you ever seen more beautiful world than the one at sunrise or moonrise?

During the last century we have been too self-centered, valuing much of 'me' as an individual, so we have got into trouble with neighbors. Thinking much of 'me' as a human being, we have been destroying the nature. Taking a serious view of ego in the chaotic world, we have forgotten the songs we often sang to glorify the bright sun or the clear moon.

Yet, the sun is still rising and the moon is rising, too. Now why don't we value 'we' above 'me' in our minds? And let's smile in the spirit of praising the sun and the moon. I'm dreaming of the world where we live together with a clear and bright smile.

I offer my heartfelt apreciation to Mrs. & Mr. Ramaker and their staff for helping us inform the world of Sottaehanul Museum Art and pointing our mistakes to correct them.

Jung, Jae-won
President Sottaehanul

The Land of the Rising Sun, Korea

Koreans share the same blood as Mongolians, Manchurians, Tibetans, Japanese, Turks, Hungarians, Finns and American Indians from ancient times. Koreans had initiated the Yellow River (the Huarighe) Civilization in the far-off days and moved to the Eastern end of the Asian continet, the land of sunrise. Ever since Koreans have inhabited there and created a unique culture. If you meet and understand their culture, you will feel ,something unusual.


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