Sottaehanul Museum

'Sottae' is a high pole which is erected on the verge of a village, and on the top of which the images of birds were seated. People wish birds could send their dearest wishes to heaven. 'Hanul' has double meanings: the sky and heaven. Therefore, 'Sottaehanul' means the sky in which sottae is erected, or heaven which we wish to reach. The Mongolians (including Koreans) used to look up to sottae when they were happy or sad.

Intending to revive the awe and respect for heaven, we named the museum 'Sottaehanul'. The greater part of our collection is not refined and elegant things, but naive and shabby things to lower class used to have in the old days. Today people say such little attention to these traditional folk things that they are disappearing rapidly. But we believe that we could find out the nature of common Koreans best in the simple ancient things.

Sottaehanul Museum will be opened in the suburb of Daegu (a big city in south-eastern part of Korea). The profits we make through selling the cultural articles of Sottaehanul gallery will be used to build Sottaehanul Museum. Though the beginning is hard and looks trifling, we believe Sottaehanul Museum would be one of the most worthy places to go in the world with your love and help.

  • The Originale of Sottaehanul Museum
  • Children's Pictures in Old Times 68x52 cm
  • Wild Flowers
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