The origin of Sottae's Paintings

Sottae's paintings are originated from petroglyphs, which were scratched, carved, or painted on the surface of rocks by people in the prehistoric age. The figures on the rocks were found in 15 places in Korea. Examples of them were found around Ulsan, the southeastern city of the Korean Peninsula.
A lot of rough figures of wild boars, deer, tigers, whales, human beings, sun, the moon and geometric patterns like rectangles and diamond shapes were found on the rocks of the region. They look very simple and naive just like the drawings of children. It could be said that they show the genuine mind of human beings in the time, when we lived in harmony with nature. The sun for example means love, hope and dreams. Life was less complicated than today.
Sottae's paintings express the human mind missing the pure nature and the innocence of the prehistoric times.

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