Hanji, the Korean Paper

Hanji, the Korean Paper, is durable enough to last over hundred of years. But we do not know correctly when it was invented. We only know the fact that it was on Hanji that the oldest wooden block bock was printed in 751 A.D.
Hanji, which had been renowned as the best paper in the world, was imported by the Chinese Imperial Family. Many Chinese Emperors used Hanji for drawing pictures or calligraphy. Thanks to Hanji, Korean printing was developed and a lot of books were published in Korea. 'The Buddhist Scripture of Jikji', which was metalographized in 1377, is kept in Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris. It was one of the books printed on Hanji.

Hanji changed even daily necessities: boxes, bags hats, and even armor were made of Hanji.

Hanji used for Sottaehanul Museum Art

Today Hanji used for the cards and posters of Sottaehanul Muaeum Art is of course not made by hand any more. But it is made through the utmost use of the traditional hand-made method, so it feels like traditional Hanji.

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